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     This piece is made from the Bowen Daredevil statue. The cape was custom sculpted and then cast in resin for the final product. This piece also features an additional head in the style of the Dark Knight. The base incorporates several elements from Batman's rogues gallery. The plant pods are made from the Sideshow Poison Ivy  statue and the Catwoman whip is from Sideshow as well, everything else is custom made.

    This is a modified Bowen Black Queen statue. I adjusted her feet to have a more modern style footwear. I looped her whip around to her other hand, and created a new handle for it. Her right arm was resculpted, and a Phoenix was made, then cast in clear resin. She was also given a new paint up, complete with stockings.

     Bowen's classic Captain America statue is reimagined into this Super Soldier version inspired by the Winter Soldier movie. His legs were slightly reposition to give him a bit more of a dynamic stance. The base was given a faux marble finish, and he is fitted with two interchangeable shields that can be attached to either arm or his back.

The Lady Deathstrike custom is made from elements of three different Bowen Designs statues. Her body came from the Enchantress piece, her head from Psylocke, and her base is taken from the Iron Fist statue. Her costume and fingers are all custom sculpted.

The Bowen Mystique bust was made into a full size statue museum piece here. The bust was modified slightly to fit with the legs that came from an anime resin kit. The base is custom sculpted and is cold-cast marble.

Lady Sif is made from the Bowen X-Force Psylocke statue. Her pose was altered to be more natural, her head is turned forward slightly,  and her right arm was repositioned as well. The cape is custom sculpted and cast in resin. The shield and sword are custom made, and the shield features a magnet, which can be attached to her left forearm. The base cap is custom sculpted, and fits atop the original.

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