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Batman used the Bowen Daredevil statue as a template, and Blackcat for the base. The cape was custom sculpted and cast in resin.

This Superman custom is made from the Bowen Thunderbird and Samaritan statues. The brow and eyes were altered from the original. The cape is all original and cast in resin. The costume details are all sculpted directly onto the piece.

Darkseid is created using the Bowen Terrax statue. He has been made much bulkier to suit his more imposing stature. He stands atop a newly created base which fits together with his Fury's.

Evil Supergirl, or Fury, is made from the Bowen Cloak & Dagger mini bust. Her legs were sculpted specifically for this piece, as was her cape. The base is a repainted Jean Grey base with slight changes. This is part of a larger diorama.

     The Sideshow Catwoman is given a new look with this latest work. She is re-imagined into the Batman Animated Series style costume. The old fabric costume was removed, and a few things reworked to get everything compatible with my vision. Her ears and belt were sculpted new, and a fresh paint job was applied.

This is a re-paint of the Kotobukiya Archangel Statue. The base was swapped with a  modified Sideshow base.

Page III
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