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New Additions!!

This is where you will find my most recently

finished pieces. Subsequent pages are dedicated to the projects I've made over the years. Take your time and please enjoy!

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This version of Lady Sif is made from the Sideshow Wonder Woman statue. Modifications and additional elements were added to the base. She sports a fully posable clothe cape. Her hair, costume, sword, and shield are all custom sculpted.

This diorama is made from the Sideshow Hulk vs. Wolverine piece. Wolverine's costume was changed, and Hulk was made into the Mad Titan, Thanos. The base was customized with hand sculpted debris from various from various other defeated heroes. 

This custom Thor piece is a conversion from the Bowen Designs Thor statue. He has been transformed into an alternate version, with elements from Old King Thor. He features a newly sculpted costume, beard, hair, and cape.  His left arm has three swappable options, and his eyepatch is also removable.

This piece is made from the C.S. Moore She-Dragon statue. Her costume is based on the Slave Leia outfit from Return of the Jedi, and features a positionable metal chain. This piece features intricate details and subtle hues.

This custom Domino piece is made from the Bowen Black Widow statue. She has two bases, 1/6 replica weaponry, and a whole lot of attitude! She has a fully sculpted, custom designed costume, and a newly made right arm. She also features a fresh new hairstyle, and a pair of domino themed knives.

This Nova piece is customized from the Bowen Medusa statue. Her flaming hair is fully hand sculpted, and all original costume elements were removed. Her gold finish was done masterfully the Creations in Chrome!

The Lord of Asgard is a variant made from the Hard Hero Thor statue. All newly sculpted costume pieces, beard, and retooled helmet transform Thor to a true Lord!

This Goblin Queen is made from the Sideshow Purgatori statue. She features a fully sculpted costume, and new hair additions. Her cape is clothe and fully posable. The base has custom sculpted demon hands  attached. She also has a light up feature, in the base and chest jewel, using an array of LEDs.

Firestar was created using the Bowen Black Widow statue. She has a fully reworked costume. Her mask is also removable via hidden magnets.

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