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     This Colossus statue is made from the Bowen Warpath. Nearly every inch of this piece was covered in magic-sculpt to enhance the musculature and to create his armor lines. His face was also heavily modified from the original. His new base is cold-cast marble and is compatible with the Shadowcat custom I made.

     Kitty Pryde: Shadowcat is made from the Bowen Designs Wasp statue. She was heavily modified from the original piece, to make her slimmer, and to give her a more natural pose. The limbs and hands were repositioned. Her head was swapped out with the Bowen Shadowcat bust, and her hair was fully sculpted. Her custom made base is compatible with the Colossus base to make a two piece set.

     This is the custom diorama of Colossus and Shadowcat. Both bases are custom made and cast in cold-cast marble. Kitty's base is circular which enables her to be rotated inside the crescent shape of the Colossus base. This allows for multiple display options.

This Goblin Queen is a Bowen Designs redux. Her costume was made to be more comic-accurate. Her lower legs were also custom sculpted (the original doesn't have any), and a new base was made. She is part of a larger diorama.

This is the custom Inferno diorama featuring Maddy, Alex, and Mr. Sinister. Alex was made from the Bowen Designs Captain Marvel statue. His base is custom made and interlocks with the Goblin Queens. Risers were made for all statues.

The Bowen Dark Phoenix was re-imagined into the Rachel Summers Phoenix  for this piece. Complete with spikes, sculpted facial scarring,  and a candy red paint up. Her hair was sculpted into a more modern faux-hawk look as opposed to her standard mullet hairstyle.

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